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The lands of Barovia are enshrouded in mists and mystery, no outside knowledge of this place to be had; The roads are muddy, the people are empty, dejected and sad -- Their clothes threadbare and their lives just as so. ...

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How to prepare

Create characters and install the Fantasy Grounds DEMO (If you don't already own Fantasy Grounds). Set aside the time for play.

What I provide

What I ask of my players, and a solid experience. And maybe some good voices.

What else should you know

Please have your character sheet done beforehand with Fantasy Grounds Classic already installed. You can find it on Steam or the Fantasy Grounds website. We will be transferring over your sheets into my Fantasy Grounds server. Feel free to find headshots for your characters and be ready to pick out a token for your character (I have like 2000 of them.) Be ready for play. This campaign will continue and have a recurring date once booked by 3 or more.

Gameplay Details

A typical session varies, depending on where the party currently lies in the story. However, Curse of Strahd is one of the flagship modules for 5th Edition featuring horror, puzzles, suspense, mystery, adventure and more. It starkly resembles the typical 'Transylvania' fantasy. Much of Curse of Strahd relies on exploration and the curiosity of the players to unravel this great big mystery of puzzles, lore and death spread out across an impressively large world map. There'll be a fair amount of dialogue to be had along with smaller quests and such to gain access to rumors, lore and story direction. Did I mention there's a treasure hunt? I'll personally be taking some time to really devote to making the misty forests, distant werewolves, frightened peasants and sometimes beautiful world of Barovia come alive and demand your immersion. This includes the details of the creatures you will encounter, the environments you'll trudge through and even the mannerisms of the non-player characters.

How Will Character Creation Work

They may be created beforehand via any method you desire, but players will need to be prepared to transfer them over to Fantasy Grounds. It's an easy process and quite quick as I own all of the modules for Fantasy Grounds, character building just boiling down to drag, drop and type. No UA, please.

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