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In these weekly sessions we will be going over your character ideas and bringing them to life. Whether they're a half-baked plan in your head or an almost fleshed out creation, these sessions will bring together the elem...

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How to prepare

Come as prepared or unprepared as you like; whether you have an almost completed character sheet, an idea or nothing, we've got you covered. Perfect for first time players.

What I provide

There will be a variety of different character sheet options depending on your preference and any additional needs. After the session you will receive your completed character sheet in a downloadable and editable format.

What else should you know

Perfect for new players looking to get their head into the game, or more experienced players trying to work out a tricky character concept.

Gameplay Details

Most of these sessions will be discussion and creating characters, however we will be running mock combats and social situations to help you get a feel for your new character's abilities.

How Will Character Creation Work

That's what we're here for!

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