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I run my games for light-hearted fun! Roleplay to your comfort level! But be prepared to explore, socialize, and tactically engage enemies in combat. I voice all of my characters and commit to bringing the sounds of adve...

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How to prepare

Character class, character race, character name, character background.

What I provide

If you're like to continue the adventure after this weekend with or without me let me know! I can transfer the DM/GM role to you.

What else should you know

Bring your wits and if you have custom dice you'd like to use bring those as well!

Gameplay Details

New players should come prepared with a character concept in mind. This game for D&D Celebration 9/18-9/20 is for people who are interested in playing a single session but they may continue their characters in a longer campaign afterwards.

How Will Character Creation Work

Level 1 start. UA Allowed but be prepared to fill in character sheet yourself.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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