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A heinous and inexplicable crime shocks the small and remote island of Crimson Island. The party, the only villagers willing and able to solve it must violate its unspoken, yet restrictive social rules, in order to crack...

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How to prepare

Players should prepare by being familiar with the core rules of DnD 5e, as well as by having a solid understanding of their characters' abilities.

What I provide

I will bring all three of the core books, as well as the binder containing all the information on the world and story. Additionally, I will construct detailed maps for both the world and specific encounters.

What else should you know

Players should be aware that, as the setting of the world is somewhat restricted, character ideas should be discussed to ensure maximum enjoyment for all.

Gameplay Details

Sessions in this campaign can be quite diverse. Some may be combat heavy dungeon crawlers, while others may be clue-gathering mysteries, or even offer puzzle based and social challenges. The proportions can be adjusted based on the preferences of your group. What is a fixture, however, is the sense of lurking danger and intrigue. Should you desire, numerous side-challenges and objectives can be added, to give a break from the monotony of the main quest, but also reward the characters with treasure and a deeper understanding of their world.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character Creation will occur in a Session 0 that will take place free of charge. During that session we can also discuss your group's preferences.

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