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This is a one session one shot (with possible expansion into a campaign if so desired) for 1st level characters and players of any experience level. In my campaign It takes place in a part of the Forgotten Realms known a...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

If you don't have a Roll20 or Discord account you will need them. Some experience will be helpful but not totally necessary. Once you have your Roll20 Account let me know and I will send you a link to the game to join. Likely you might have to add me on Roll20 ( or Discord (BrianGermain#9434) or Facebook ( so I can add you to the game. please be prompt ahead of time so we can have everything sorted out by gametime. (an hour to 3 lead-in time is good if there is alot of character creation and such to deal with.) you must have a Roll20 account.

What I provide

I'll bring my wits, a sense of humor and some fun along with the Roll20 Pro account. I will provide a friendly and welcoming space for new and old players alike. I do voices and accents often for NPCs, and try to provide a unique experience for all players. No real world events, politics, or religions please!

What else should you know

Every Session is online and you must have a Roll20 account. A discord account is optional but I feel it works best for voice.

Gameplay Details

This first adventure is a lil bit of exploration and a lil hack'n'slash. You're character will start in a small inn called the "Fiery Grog Tavern" it is located in the small village of Asbravn a few minutes south of the town proper. Prepare to fight a few Goblins, and maybe even parlay with one. there are lots of woodland creatures to fight as well but not all are necessary.

How Will Character Creation Work

First you will need to create a account, then I will invite you to the game. Once you have jolined the game we will be creating 1st Level characters- For new players I will cover character creation and rolling and in-app Dice Rolls with you. All official D&D 5e sources are allowed. For Experienced Players 4d6, drop the lowest die and ignoring all 1's... The Character creation can be done either as a (FREE) pre-session #0 or premade for you. or just in a early 1st session with a few free hours added on.

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