Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Black Sun Gaming Presents: The Ghost of Harrow Hill

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Are you ready to go on your next First Quest adventure? Ever want to spend the night in a haunted house? Want to know what it would be like to meet a ghost? Well, doom creeps closer and closer with each hour your heroes ...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

You should have discord installed and have emailed me a day prior to our game. I would suggest using a camera and mic to help emulate the feeling of sitting around the gaming table together. If you don't have/or want to use a cam you MUST have a microphone to be able to speak to the group. We can work on things together and make sure you are ready for this First Quest.

What I provide

I will bring a virtual dice roller and thematic background music for our adventure. There will be maps and pictures that can be used and viewed right through our private game discord.

What else should you know

Get ready for a classic adventure and a great time.

Gameplay Details

This is going to be a great stepping off point for new adventurers. Expect to find a bit of everything that a table top role playing game has to offer.

How Will Character Creation Work

We can create your own special character using D&D Beyond or you can use one of our "very fun" pre-generated characters. Characters will be first level. This is their first chance to slake their thirst for adventure.

Players can expect







Experience Level

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