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It's (insert name here)'s birthday! and all of his/her friends showed up to celebrate! There are party streamers, party hats, a jester, and even a children's mage to help make the party as fun as can be, but wait... Wher...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

I will have scheduled breaks, but make sure each child has already gone to the bathroom prior to starting as I would rather not pause other than on scheduled bathroom/ snack breaks. *Please do not give the children cellphones or tablets during the session. I would rather have a tech-free session.

What I provide

I will have dice, minis, buildings, and other visual representations for the kids to help them picture the scene. Take Home: The kids will be able to take home a packaged mini of their choice. (These minis will not be the ones we use in the campaign, but ones I bring separately).

What else should you know

You should know that while this game is meant to be silly and fun, listening ears are required and if a child doesn't use their listening ears I will not hesitate to kick them out of the session after two warnings.

Gameplay Details

I will be planning the one-off campaign to a certain point. General campaign layout, but I will improvise and add to the session depending on what the kids would like more of in the campaign, (combat, puzzles, interaction, etc) and will tailor how challenging it is depending on age and mental capabilities.

How Will Character Creation Work

The characters will be level 3 with an adjusted, kid-friendly, character sheet, which I will email in advance to be printed out for each child. We will create our characters in the first hour of the session, leaving one or two hours to play.

Players can expect







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