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Annara - A bi-weekly campaign in a dangerous world - High in RP - Characters backgrounds make a big part of the story

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Annara - A bi-weekly campaign in a dangerous world - High in RP - Characters backgrounds make a big part of the story

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Discord

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  • Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: None

Price per player-session

About the adventure

You love RP, have time on Wednesday twice a month and want to start a campaign that will go from level 1 (I know I know) till level 20? You want your actions to actually have effect in the world? You want a DM that will incorporate your backstory to the campaign? You want a world that is realistic, but still high fantasy? Then read about the history of the world, or skip to the part where I tell about the current world and join if you still like it! Ancient history: Annara was made by two primordial gods named Narrara, primordial god of existance, and Oa, Primordial god of the void. Narrara created the elves with love for nature, dwarfs to life underground, humans to maintain everything, gnomes to remember the history and created things and halflings to maintain peace between all the races. Later other races would be created by her children. Oa made all beast and other creatures of the land, sea and sky. Together they created 8 children to maintain the balance in the world, who all were able to make gods of the best humanoids to help them in their job. Annara's know history goes back 3422 years. The children (Luros, Ivomazar, Ystela, Xilba, Luvin, Ugozar, Narsa and Veaktara) of the primordial gods walked on the earth. The world was dangerous, but manageable, and a great way to prove yourself and become a gods favorite. However some gods grew greedy and started taking things that weren't theirs. A war between different gods (mainly Ugozar, Narsa and Veakatara) began and, to win it, started making creatures more dangerous and more malicious than ever. Almost all of the current world population died in the fighting and the few that survived sought shelter underground. It wasn't until the two primordial gods that made the earth, Narrara and Oa, in their anger took away much of the powers they had and made it impossible for them to return to the earth. However, their champions were left as gods and through them the 8 children still were able to have some degree of influence in the now very unstable world. For almost a thousand years every humanoid lived underground. The world above became deadly, with creatures that would destroy everything in their way. It wasn't until the elves learned how to use magic and make stone strong enough to withstand most of these creatures that roamed the earth. Together with some halflings they returned and started making the city of Yelra. Other humanoids started coming back and slowly life above ground became the norm. Most groups stayed together, except for the humans. They made their own clans and spread around the world. However the world was extremely dangerous and communication was difficult. Slowly they forgot about their history and other groups that lived in this world. Modern world history: That's were the modern history starts. 998 years ago some human tribes decided to work together and start building large cities. The Dovzar tribe and the Zumara tribe where the big once and slowly over 800 years they conquered most of the world, building strong and big cities. You had two choices, either join them or be massacred. Most other humanoids joined them, except for Yelra, who remains independence to this day. The humans were clear on who was to blame for the state of this world. Four of the supreme gods and their champion gods were outlawed; Luvin god of talents and gifts, Ugozar god of destruction and war, Narsa goddess of death and disease and Veakatara goddess of secrets and trickery. MODERN WORLD: The world was harsh, and the kingdom of Dovzar, ruled by the Zumara family after the death of the last Dovzar person, was a monarchy that demanded that everybody helped the whole survive. Individuals weren't important and the rules were clear. The monarch was the boss, and his 6 headed council helped him. Magic was very heavily monitored and was meant to serve the humans, not be used for anything else. From your second birthday until you turned 14 you were allowed a lot free time, and if you wanted all kinds of education was available. When you turn 14 your future is determined by the board of that city and if you can show you are already good at something you have a larger change to do that. If you weren't able to work anymore, people would take care of you and everybody was fed, had a roof over their head and education was free. Of course you could buy your way out of this, and were there different ways to become higher up in the world by working hard and getting money as a reward for extraordinary things you did. However this became a problem 173 years ago. A few cities weren't having it anymore and wanted to break free from this very strict and limited existence. In the city of Morros this started and after a war that took 23 years the kingdom split and the republic of Morros was born. Kingdom of Dovzar rules: - Every city needs to have a temple district. In this district Care Mothers take care of the children of the working people and the children whose parents had died. Only gods that are allowed have a place of worship here. - If you can do magic when you are born, you are placed in a boarding school where you have to stay until you are 16, after which you are put into the service of a noble person or a city. If you want to learn magic you have to spend at least 10 years at a boarding school and will be heavily monitored the rest of your life. - If you wish to become a magic user, but through a god, you have to stay at the temple of that god for at least 8 years and are also heavily checked for the rest of your life. - Magic is not allowed in public, unless you have a permit. - If you aren't able to work anymore the city will take care of you, you can keep your home and get food from the Care Mothers. However, if you just refuse to work, you'll be demoted and if you already at the bottom, you'll be made a slave. Your last name will be removed and your rights revoked. You'll be marked and get an owner. - You can worship the primordial god Narrara (her champion the Raven Queen), and supreme gods Luros ( champions Gond, Mystra and Azuth), Ivomazar (Eldath, Helm and Roa), Ystela (Chauntea, solonor Thelandira and Lathander) and Xilba (Deneir, Milil and Oghma). - every lord, picked by the king/queen, can decide what the punishment for different crimes is. Some exceptions are for worship of the outlawed gods or murder. - Slaves have no last name and are numbered. Children of the slaves will be left in the care of Care Mothers and will have a chance at a normal life. - If you work hard enough you can free yourself from your work duty, however you forfeit the right to be taken care off and lose your house, as this will always be the property of the queen or king. - Drugs and prostitution is not allowed. Cities can have extra rules, but those rules are for all of the Dovzar kingdom. Republic of Morros: This is a free country. You can worship all gods, magic is not restricted and everything is allowed, except for murder and other extreem things. However, there is no social controle or people who will take care of you when you can not do this yourself. Every city has a counsel that rules that city, who needs to make sure trade is still going and the chaos is maintainable. A lot of inner city walls were tore down during the war and only the noble district is still difficult to get into. All cities have one ruling family who always has two seats in the counsel. The other 8 are picked by the people every 5 years. Magic schools are large and there are scholarships for all of them. You are free to pick a job and get paid for this in money. It's your choice to spend it on what you want. However over the last few years the instability and chaos in some cities became an issue and slowly Morros is trying to put some limitations and rules on the current population.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You'll need acces to Discord, Roll20, a webcam and a mic for the character creation. I'll help you set up if you're not familiar with it and help with everything else. I might change to foundry later, but for the beginning we'll use ROLL20

What I provide

I'll make maps, write some lore (you probably never going to ask about, but that's alright ^^), make the tokens (if you want to make your own, that's fine as well) and the adventure and music for ambiance.

Gameplay details

It will have a lot of RP, but also combat and social encounters. The main thing is that you want to play in a world where your actions have an effect on the world and you want realism within a high fantasy setting. The story will also have a lot to do with the background I'll help you make. I do have a conversion with every player about things they do not want in this world, as it is meant to be fun of course. I do like heavy emotional RP from time to time, however fun and laughing is very important to me. If you have ideas or want something different you can always ask me. As a DM I will always work with you and allow a lot of things (within reason).

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

We'll create them together beforehand. That way we can check if everything works and you can get a feel for me as a DM and I of you as a player. We'll also discus things you might not feel comfortably with, cause I do want to make your skin crawl, but in a 'This is awesome (and sometimes I'm scared) way' and not a 'This is uncomfortable' way.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: None

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