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You and the other Players would start at a table at the Mysterious Traveler Tavern, and get a chance to introduce your Characters to each other through role play. Get to know your party before being taken to the backroom...

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How to prepare

> Know the rules to a good enough degree that you can play your own character, but don't stress about knowing them all: I can fill in gaps of knowledge when needed! > Characters need to be made and ready to play: minimal time will be set aside for character development details, but I can discuss with you up before the session starts.

What I provide

I'll be bringing everything else needed: monster stats, plot points, maps, tokens: I'll be sending pictures of the map and settings as we progress.

What else should you know

> I do swear a bit, and can get a little descriptive with kills or damage dealt to be more visual: be aware if sensitive to that. I can tone it down if requested. > For this game, let's try to be focused on the game itself: I'll be setting time aside for a break, but outside of that, please be focused on what's happening in-game: I won't entertain distracting discussion for too long (Questions about rules, the setting, or the like are perfectly fine) > When we start the session, remember this! Everyone alongside you paid the same amount to play that night: please be respectful of each other! Don't bully or alienate someone, and be careful not to take too much of the time talking: I'll be trying to make sure everyone is having their time to talk and have fun!

Gameplay Details

The session will look like this. - In the beginning, the Player characters will be introduced around the table: free-form roleplay is available during this time, as I give appropriate prompts for the characters to react off of. - After a short while, the party will be escorted to the back room where 3 individuals are waiting: they each have a contract that relies on subtlety: they each need your group, as they can't ask for more well-known adventurers to take them. - The party will discuss with the clients and with each other until deciding on a contract to accept. (this is where you choose as a group what kind of session to have!) - The party will be sent to the starting location, and it's up to the party from their on how to approach. Will you charge in, wands blasting? Gather intel and strike smartly? Negotiate until things are lined up for you? - Combat could take a majority of the time at this point, but I am totally fine with role play or exploration or other options filling that time instead! - The session concludes soon after the contracted job is complete, time runs out, or when things go irreversibly wrong.

How Will Character Creation Work

> Level 3 characters brought to the game would be ideal: standard array, point buy, or rolled stats are all good options. > I'm going to be trusting you to be honest with your character sheet and rolls: so if you wish to have your character sheets in pen and paper, DNDBeyond, or another medium, that's alright: just send me pictures or a link before hand on Discord if possible. > Please refrain from a lone-wolf character: this will be a party game, let's keep together :) > Please refrain from a truly disturbing character: I'll be clear in game if I won't allow a character to do something that would make myself or others truly uncomfortable.

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