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A Tale of Orithan: Medreth is a High Fantasy game that I've been running for close to three years now, editing and improving it along the way. The aim is to provide a living, breathing world with rich lore and history a...

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How to prepare

All I want from you to prepare is to create your characters and get a copy of the Players Handbook, I can send a link to a free download of the PDF if you need one.

What I provide

I'll bring everything else, as the game is digital the maps will be on Roll20 and the like. I can send images of the world maps I've drawn too should you want one.

What else should you know

Voices are appreciated, but by no means are they demanded. Beyond that, feel free to bring anything to me that you think needs saying, even if it's criticism of how the game is run or a problem with the group. I'd prefer to know rather than it all being bottled-up. :)

Gameplay Details

I tend to like to be as hands off as possible, giving the players as much room to do whatever planning, exploration and roleplaying as possible. When things reach the natural end I'll move things on, but until then I leave it to the players. I prefer to focus on roleplay as much as possible, but there's usually one combat encounter per session, though on rare cases there are more. Because combat can be dull, I try to add as much room for flavour as possible. Though I usually forget to encourage my players, when you do play feel free to flavour each hit how you'd like. I also use the Critical Role "How do you wanna do this?" for the final hit of each fight to give them an epic ending. In terms of exploration, for smaller areas I'll make maps for you to explore. But for larger areas that I can't make maps for I'll use a percentage table to see what you encounter, whether it's a random fight, a treasure trove or a bit of lore. I won't promise this every session because we all have limitations, but I will promise to work my hardest to give reasons to explore as much as possible. When it comes to the planning, I mostly listen. If there's an NPC there they might chime in or if I need to chime in OOC I will, but for the most part I give the players the stage when it comes to drawing out plans.

How Will Character Creation Work

If you feel comfortable enough by all means make the character without me there, though run any additional material by me first and send me the sheet before play time so I can look over it and make sure everything's fine. If not, I'm happy to run through character creation with you. I roll for stats, my rolling rules are: 4d6d1 in order (Roll 4d6 and add up the highest 3 dice) with three individual stat rerolls (e.g. one reroll for strength). These rerolls can be used anytime before the character is introduced into the game, so long as I'm told about them. You're welcome to use harsher rolling rules if you're feeling brave of course.

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