Dungeons & Dragons 5e | A Mission from Rawlin - A 5e Adventure for 2nd Level Do-Gooders!

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You have been sent an Invitation to brunch by a famous bard named Rawlin. You have met him at least once recently, and he needs your help. He is worried about a friend of his, a wizard named Hemlock, who has missed the...

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How to prepare

Players will need a web-connected mic. Cameras are welcome, but optional, the DM will use a camera. Players should familiarize themselves with the basic rules, as well as build a 2nd-level character using the "Point-Buy" option. Information on both of these are available for FREE via the dndbeyond website. This Adventure can be run both via Hangouts as a theater-of-the-mind experience, or on Roll20, as a more traditional Virtual Table Top game. If players select a Roll20 experience, they should create a free account before hand and ideally familiarize themselves with the basics tutorial available on the website. The GM will invite them to the game no later than 15 minutes before the session start time. Roll20 does have a built in video/audio chat system. An optional Plug-in for the Chrome Browser called "Beyond20" can also be helpful. It is recommended that players inform the GM of the details of their characters at least 2 hours before beginning the session. If characters are created on, the GM will provide an invite so you can assign your character the campaign on DNDBeyond as well.

What I provide

Players will be provided with a .PNG file that they can use as token for their character after the game, if they wish to use the characters again on a VTT platform.

What else should you know

Players should expect to work together to overcome any obstacles in the game. A detailed backstory, while fun and encouraged, is not absolutely needed for this one-shot, but if it helps you enjoy your character better and have a fun time, then go for it! The goal is for everyone to have a good time, enjoy themselves, and maybe learn something new.

Gameplay Details

This adventure follows a standard "Investigate and report back" type of scenario. The objective of the party is to investigate what has kept Hemlock from his monthly dinner with Rawlin. There will be some investigation/social encounters as well as combat encounters. There is more to Hemlock's home than meets the eye. The session starts with a small bit of role play uniting the Characters and interacting with Rawlin, followed by a few checks to arrive at Hemlock's home. From there it is up to the players to decide on a course of action, they can be investigative and use guile, intimidation, or stealth, or they can take a much more aggressive track, slaying anything that gets in their way.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be level 2. They can be created before the game on DNDBEYOND.COM, using their character creation tool. Please no Centaurs, Satyrs, or Yuan-ti. Official classes only please.

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