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A Blind Faith in Holy Wings

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A Blind Faith in Holy Wings

Dungeons & Dragons 2e, Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Foundry VTT

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  • Duration: 3 to 6 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Open to all
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Basics of this Campaign/What you are getting into and what you should expect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wandering noble, [Player Character], and their retainer(s), [Player Character(s)], are tasked by the ruling Lord or King to meet whom they call a 'dear friend' in a distant, foreign city. They have stated that their task shall force them to cross the seas by ship. Specifically, the ship called the "Fortuitous". They are to locate the friend, and escort them, personally, back to the Lord/King. However, [Player Character(s)] are required to take as difficult to track a route as possible when returning. The friend of the Lord or King is a highly sought after person. A good word for it might be 'hunted'. They want their friend to arrive safe and sound, and to not be followed, so that their friend might remain unendangered for as long as possible. Giving the [PC Noble] and their [PC Retainers] steeds and the coin for the initial journey, he ensures them that he does not care if it takes a year or more. Their friend is that important to them. If necessary, they will keep in touch via the Speaking Stone that is linked to the one given to [PC Noble]. The faster they return, the greater the reward. However, this also might make them considerably easier to track. Take too long, however, and the Lord/King might think their friend is dead, or perhaps [Player Characters] have turned against them. A careful management of risks, and watching of backs, is required... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOMEBREW SETTING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world of Alsanna. A watery world, with each great nation separated by the tides. A turbulent history has plagued the lands, and likely always will. From the Kingdom Wars, the Exploration Wars, to the War of the Wyrm, and everything betwixt. These great nations are Andryuun, Takkiin, Angakorrak, Klaflonaam, Maferahl, Florine, Anga, Ynlef, Garlenea, Symphona, The Zehkas Islands, Kir'Than, and Eskana. Not to mention, a few hidden nations, such as The Darkened Isle, Immeland, Velatha, Metsalin, and others. Each of them have their histories, and some are more dangerous to live upon than others. Regardless, each one holds a plethora of quests to complete, or if one desires it, they may explore, and live their lives, to their heart's content. Nothing will force one to go down a questline, should they simply not wish it. They can make their own story, if they want. In the end, the decision of a player matters... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What to expect in Character Creation? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When creating a character in this setting, one has to actually take into account their homeland. Where they are from will grant both boons and banes. Bonuses and Negatives. Each nation, and its natives, have opinions on where you are from, and will react accordingly. Each nation has its nuances, its habits, its traditions. These traditions can be ignored, or accepted, for varying effects. In short, be careful where you desire to start from. It WILL matter. If you do not wish to pick from the nations in the normal sense, you may simply describe what type of society you desire your character to be from, and I will give you the closest equivalent, however many that may be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASK BLOODY QUESTIONS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cannot tell you how many times I've had players confused, yet never ask a question. I've only been DMing for approximately a year, online, and had so many players not ask questions. I am the DM! ASK ME. The worst you are going to get is an "uuuhhh" whilst I come up with something on the fly, and incorporate it later into something more complex. If you have a question, or simply don't get something, ask. I've no qualms with expositing. I tend to do so, anyway. If you want to know something about the Setting? Ask. If you want to know something about your Homeland? Ask. If you want to know something about the Campaign? Ask. Just ask. You have no idea how much time that saves...

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    In order to prepare, mostly, the player will need to ask questions. You will need to create characters, as I do not find doing pre-made characters, save for absolute newcomers, to be enjoyable. These characters will be created in-game, via the Foundry VTT character creation system. Otherwise? You will need no software, just a decent internet connection, and something that isn't your parents' 2003 laptop. Google Chrome, Edge Chromium, or Firefox will work for this.

    What I provide

    I bring my world. Were I an artist, I would be delighted to draw up characters, yet I am not. I am but a writer. If requested, I do not mind writing up something for your character. Should the campaign end, the party officially disbands to never reunite, and you desire to know how it all ends for your character? I don't mind writing something up. Or perhaps you desire a more detailed, in-setting backstory? I don't mind writing something up, and seeing if you approve. My apologies, for those hoping for aught more.

    Gameplay details

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balanced DMing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Within reason, I am a rather balanced DM. There is some planning, some exploration, some combat, some roleplay. There tends to be some of all, in each session, within reason. Of course, if requested by the majority of players, I can lean more towards certain elements. A desire for more combat? Ask. A desire for more roleplay? Ask. And I will tell you now... If you are scared of asking, don't be. You already presume you'll get a "no"... So why not ask? At worst, you were right. At best? People agree, and things change for the better for everybody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roleplay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I expect players to remain within their character's means and mannerisms as much as possible. Whilst I don't mind some goofiness, or a character doing something outside their normal behavior, it should not be a common occurrence. I don't really go for the Chaotic Stupid kind of play. I most certainly don't abide by a character murdering others "just because". If your character is a legit psychopath, expect people and NPCs to react accordingly. Which will likely result in their death, or being turned over to the authorities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Experience & Leveling -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Nobody likes keeping track of EXP. Nobody. Don't say that you do. You're lying. Therefore, I mostly level when I feel the party is ready for one. This can be via story beats, when the player(s) have done something particularly impressive, or similar. If the campaign is going at a good pace, players can expect levels at relatively common intervals in a story. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't minmax. I mean, you can... But you'll be looked at with a raised eyebrow. These games are meant for people to enjoy. That does mean you can be suboptimal... But so long as you are ENJOYING that... I don't care. Besides, I can adjust encounters to go easier on a party that isn't "optimal" for it. If you wanna run 5 priests, call yourselves the A-Men, and the encounter coming up requires a rogue for stealth or trickery, or a wizard for some arcane utility? I can tweak it, or give you a difficult, if workable, ability to bypass or solve it. But play what you enjoy.. Don't be a centaur thief and expect to be able to climb walls, sneak through small spaces, and hide in shadows easily. But that doesn't mean you can't be that Centaur Rogue. Or Orc Bard. Or Gnome Barbarian. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Puzzles and Riddles? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whilst not a commonplace thing, they will be expected in Dungeons. Sometimes, you will be able to solve them easily. Other times, you will require outside help, or need to come back later. There will be plenty of riddles, as the story progresses and your questions are answered, only to leave more questions... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voice/Voice Acting? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I live in a building with people that go to sleep at times when I am awake. So, no, there will be no voice chat, nor will there be any voice acting. Besides, I'm terrible at that. Pretty simple little section.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used


    How will character creation work

    Characters will be created in a custom manner, depending where they are from in the Setting. However, the basics are as simple as ever. For this particular campaign, players will roll a 1d6, and that will determine their starting level. Starting gold is normal for their class, though this may change depending on your Homeland. However, with this campaign, one of the PCs is a Noble, and will gain the bonuses, and potential negatives, pertaining to such. As for who is the noble, it will either be decided by the players beforehand, or decided via a dice roll betwixt those that are desiring to be said Nobility. These characters will be created via Foundry VTT's system, and will be, therefore, created in-game. I will often give two weeks before a campaign officially begins for players to get all their ducks in a row. So, the best idea is to come up with a basic backstory, and an idea of the type of locale your character would live in or around, and focus on that. From there, I will work with you, personally, to help you determine all factors pertaining to your character. What you want them to be, where you want them to be from, how they will react to certain party members or NPCs due to their homelands. So on and so forth.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Medium
    • Roleplay: High
    • Puzzles: Medium
    • Experience Level: Open to all

    Player reviews (6)

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