Dungeons & Dragons 5e | A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to D&D 5E

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I will be largely using the starting adventure, The Dragon of Icespire Peak, from the Essentials Kit, though I'll be including new twists and mysteries, so don't worry if you've played it before! This game is open to a...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need a Roll20 account, but a subscription is not needed, the free account will be fine. Players will need to download Discord and have an account for it, as that's how I will organize the game and how we will communicate primarily. I would like if players at least skim through the Player's Handbook, though it's totally fine if someone is completely new.

What I provide

Maps and whatnot will be used in Roll20, and I will handle making and finding those. If the players are willing to help with the price of commission, I can commission artwork of the party and send it to each of the players at the end of the game.

What else should you know

As it may be noted in some of the other sections, much of this experience will be tailored to ensure the party has an experience right for them, and thus a lot of preparation will go into figuring out what will work best for all of you.

Gameplay Details

The gameplay will feature a healthy balance of strategy, exploration, roleplay, battle, and levity inbetween. One of my favorite things is to establish strong moods and tones with setpieces, dialogue, and music. I generally engage players at whatever level of detail or facet of the world they find the most interest in. A particularly bloodthirsty party might cleave through hordes of monsters to claim their treasure, while the more methodical and investigative group might find a mystery to solve. I still aim to give a varied experience, but I will lean most heavily on the aspects of the game that the players want to engage with.

How Will Character Creation Work

I intend for the players to create the characters in Roll20, while I can attend to both see the character and offer help. Players are free to create them together, but I just ask that I am there to see it. This will both help with things like personality and backstory, as well as allow me to help any new players with character creation. If players have characters already created, I will be happy to work with them so that I can gain a better understanding of them, as well as workshop anything before the game. Characters will start at level 1.

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