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About me

Hello, one and all! I'm what many would call an enigma based on description alone. I grew up with sports and nothing close to nerd culture, then high school hit me with theatre classes, drama classes, nerd culture, anime, and of course, tabletop games! From there, I shed my class clown sports kid demeanor for an aptitude and love for everything listed above! It's been years since then, but I quickly fell into a type of comfort I haven't been willing to let go of! From world-building, homebrew creations, storytelling, writing, and interacting with others in these worlds. I've been a player in many different tabletop roleplaying games, and I've been DM'ing D&D 5e for cutting close to a decade now. Thanks to the support, advice, and assistance of those in my life, I've decided to take the plunge into DM'ing on Startplaying! My Dm style is closer to a mix of improv, and strategy and geared towards employing a story with all those involved. Most of my history with anything tabletop has been homebrew content, with my latest foray being for a homebrew world I've been working on for about... 5 years? It's had some reboots, but it's my little passion project that's stayed strong with me all these years! As for the types of players I've had before, well this is where I've had most of my enjoyment! I've been lucky enough to be some people's first intro into the hobby, letting them experience wonders and joy from being the person they want to be without fear of judgment in a space they can feel comfortable in. I've also had chances to run with people who played D&D back when it first came out in 1974 (Which, mind you, they have been some of the craziest and most enjoyable people I've had the pleasure of playing with). I've always seen Tabletop Roleplaying games as a way for people to get a chance to enjoy themselves in whatever weird or quirky way they can. Something that can be enjoyed by all ages, races, identities, and people from many different walks of life! If the stars align, I may even get the chance to be your introduction to the hobby or your gateway to jumping back into it!

GM style

I tend to lean towards the roleplay and improv aspects of TTRPGs more rather than combat and puzzles. That's not to say I can't do those, I actually love strategy games in regards to combat and tactical play, but I save that for high-level play most times. Puzzles... yeah I tend to not employ them a lot, mainly due to how others interact with them. If I understand the group then I will employ them, but it's not something I push for groups I'm just meeting. I also enjoy teaching the game to others (literally part of my daily job, so not surprising), as well as seeing how others interact and go about situations. As for how I rule at the table, I like to go for the rule of cool, but also like to have some fantasy realism. For me, this means that lots of things are possible, but if it sounds outlandish even for the fantasy situation, I'll most likely go for the most reasonable solution rather than an outright "no".

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