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About me

I've been playing table-top role playing games (TTRPG) games for years and years and years and now it's my turn to craft unforgettable experiences for other people! Join me and be a part of immersive storylines filled with vivid characters supporting your character's journey, which will be the heart of the experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the TTRPG universe, I tailor the game experience to suit the preferences and comfort levels of the group. Every session is a collaborative endeavour where everyone's input is valued. I will always prioritise a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere which we can establish with a comprehensive session zero. Don't like a particular rule? Great! Tell me why and give me an alternative and if it works for the story and for the rest of the group we'll run with it. The mechanics should be there to enhance, rather than impede the story and more importantly having fun! I run games using the DnD 5e ruleset, DnDBeyond, ForgeVTT, and Discord. I use a mix of official maps and custom maps built in Dungeon Alchemist for times when the narrative goes in unexpected directions - which it often does! All my players will be able to access official DnD sourcebooks and materials when building characters via DnDBeyond. Syrinscape adds another level of immersion with official soundtracks and custom soundtracks for exploration, mystery, combat, drama, and more! What are you waiting for? There are stories to be told, get in and tell me what path they should take!

GM style

I believe in all three pillars of gameplay but I'll let the players guide me on how heavily those pillars will feature in each game. It's your game after all, I'm just here to add a layer of cohesion and consistency. I roll openly so that players can hold me accountable and because this allows for some really unexpected and wild outcomes that form those unforgettable moments that make up the heart of TTRPG games. I'll add a variety of accents to the NPCs you'll meet along the way, some pretty accurate if I do say so, and some hilariously inaccurate. Hopefully you can tell which is which!

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