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About me

I'm a military vet, working adult, and love TTRPGs!!! My target audience is other working adults: professionals with limited time and patience for nonsense. Folks that just want to get together, roll some dice, and have some mature-ish fun. Military veterans are an added bonus! As a result, my prices reflect an attempt to keep the table at something resembling the target audience. My focus is on simpler games with limited rulebooks (except Ancestries, but they must be common or uncommon) that are fun and beginner-friendly but still provide challenges and depth to seasoned Players. My focus is on creating a great gaming environment for the Players, to include ensuring each Player has agency over their character and all Players are a cohesive unit that is having fun overcoming obstacles and slaying baddies! The Players are who create the story, so I facilitate their experience so they can tell that story.

GM style

I'm generally a pretty laid-back GM, focusing on player experience and ensuring all players are included and having fun. I do run with some rulebook limitations; I simply don't want the overhead of having to know the intricacies of 40 Rulebooks, 75 Classes, 482 Feats, and 3,471 abilities. The rulebooks I allow have more than plenty options for my target audience, and I consider exceptions on a one by one basis. Right now I allow the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, and Gamemastery Guide along with the "Player's Guide" for any campaign I'm running. I'm no voice actor, but I will alter my voice at times to differentiate characters within context. Sometimes I'll simply describe what an NPC says to you rather than trying to come up with a terrible voice to grate on your ears if the NPC is not all that important. I let Players determine which route they want to take with voices as well. I like some combat crunch, but I also realize the burnout constant combat creates. I prefer a good balance. That being said, I run Paizo adventure paths and so much of that is dictated by the material; their content tends to be combat-heavy. If I feel like Players are getting too little or too much of something, I'll try to put in a side quest or scenario to alleviate the issue. Historically, I've put together mini-adventures (vignettes) for characters and groups to further expand on their backstory. I don't let Players take adverse actions against their other party members although roleplaying banter that's mutually enjoyable is of course allowed (think Legolas and Gimli).

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