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About me

Hello, my name is Victor, i'm 31 and i'm a Law graduate from Eastern Europe - so you could call me an actual Rules Lawyer! *ahahhaa.... i'll find the door myself* Catdad and hopefully husband soon! I was born into the 3 pillars of awesome - Fantasy, Sci - Fi and Horror - and i've been passionate about TTRPGS, for the last 15 years. My introduction to TTRPGs was gradual. I think you could trace the root of it to Relic's Dawn of War game. Loved that, then i learned this "40k thing" is actually mainly a Tabletop property, then i realized nobody is within 1000 miles to play with, then i found out 40k has a Roleplaying game! This was just about when Roll20 was getting off the ground and.... here we are! Was exclusively a player, i've played - 40.000 Roleplay, Shadowrun, DnD 3.5, Shadowrun again, Pathfinder 1E, DnD 5E and when the stellar Pathfinder Second Edition came out i took the plunge and ran a Beginner Box session for my friends and before i could blink i was the designated GM. I now want to take the show on the road, as it were!

GM style

Well mainly i just want everyone to walk away with a smile and for me that means being adaptable. I have a near encyclopedic knowledge of PF2E at this point so we should never get bogged down looking things up. I prefer running a warm, jovial style of game, were we all just riff off each other and don't take ourselves to seriously but if my players prefer to lean heavier on the Roleplay and Immersion i can ask my so whip up a beard and wizard hat, crank up the pipe organs and have ourselves a virtual LARP session!

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