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About me

Whether running games at conventions, with friends around a table or online, I love to create a visceral world for the players to interact with (and throw all kinds of baddies their way - natch!) It is important to me that anyone at my table, virtual or otherwise, feel that they belong there. RPGs have always been a place where I truly felt I could be myself, even when pretending to be someone else. I want my players to feel that way in my games too. So let's get together and roll some dice! Memorable games/campaigns/chronicles I have GM'd: Cyberpunk RED (Breakout Con 2023), "Mage-Wolf: The Apocascension" (a mixed party M20/W20 chronicle), Mutants of Avalon (Paladium FTW!), Dark Sun (AD&D 2e) and Star Wars (d20). Games I have played over the (many, many) years: TMNT, Heroes Unlimited, Gamma World (d20), Star Wars (West End Games, d20) Shadowrun (2e!!!), Cyberpunk 2020, Vampire the Masquerade (2e/5e), Werewolf the Apocalypse (2e, W20), Mutant Crawl Classics, Apocalypse World, Call of Cthulhu and so much D&D (AD&D 2e, D&D3/3.5, 5e).

GM style

To me, RPGs are about the whole experience. I love to world build and create atmosphere that enhances the story and our roleplaying. Yes, dice rolling is half of the fun, so expect lots of that, but I'm a "rules medium" GM. The exact location of enemies, calculations of blast radius, et al. needs to serve the story, fun and drama - but it doesn't need to be exact. If we flub something, that's cool, we'll get it next time. (Unless it was a major oversight, then what's a little ret-con among friends?) Rules lawyering is not my favourite aspect of gaming, yet I fully respect those who took the time to go to pass the rules bar exam. I'm happy to double check the rules and be corrected, but let's try to keep immersed in the story instead of the books. When making characters, try to refrain from Min/Maxing. Imperfect characters with weaknesses or average stats can be fun to play!... He says as a GM but not as a player :D


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