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About me

I'm a firm believer that you can evolve and grow through joy and games. I'm here to facilitate that adventure. I am a video game developer, but I cut my teeth on the tabletop. I've learned a lot from the worlds of pixels, foremost of which is that nothing really compares to building worlds without limits together with your friends. I would like to help. It doesn't matter if it's a one shot weekend, or you're looking to invest your time in a sweeping saga, we have a home for your character and you. I'm familiar with several game systems, but I have the most practice with World of Darkness and D&D 5E. I'm offering discounts on the other game systems I'm hoping to get more experience with myself including: The Cypher System, FATE, Cortex Prime, Cyberpunk RED and Dreamchaser. I've been playing since 1985, and running games about as long. I started with fantasy through D&D for roughly a decade between 1985-95. I then branched out to the Sci Fi genre with Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun for about five years. These games inspired me to get into video game development, programming, 3D animation, etc., and I think those skills get incorporated into my VTT games. I also have extensive experience in the World of Darkness. I've run Vampire games and my personal favorite Mage the Ascension for over 20 years. If you're into modern horror, I've got your shivers. Since recent controversy over gaming licenses and copyright I've been playtesting several other systems as well as trying to write an open source game system/engine. I'm also very much into the gray areas where the VTTs are blending into 3D rendered engines (like Menyr and SceneGrinder). If this is your cup of tea, I've got crumpets. Anyway, give yourself +2 XP if you made it this far and let's get rolling.

GM style

I prefer story to rules, and flow to crunch. I prefer interaction to summarizing random numbers. I prefer character choice to plot expectation, and I do my best to encourage character development rather than statistical evolution. I like to act and encourage players to lean into role playing, but it's certainly not a requirement. I like to keep the story going even when the game isn't in session through bluebooking techniques, digital interaction through various multimedia, my website and discord. Again all of that's optional, not expected. But all in all it's your game, and despite my tendencies I'm just aiming to be a nonpartial organic game engine attempting to render a narrative, and barely an AI...


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