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About me

Back in the 2000s, or the long long ago as I now call it, a friend of mine introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Ever since then I've been addicted to the game and watched it grow from a relatively niche hobby into the dynamic and expansive game it is today. I want to offer you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary, the adventure, the peril, the odyssey of your own fantasy. Band together with your friends and come make memories that you'll hold in your heart for years to come. Or perhaps step into my arena and slay friends and strangers alike to test your talents as a character builder! Whether you're a cooperative adventurer or a number-minded powergamer, I have a game just for you. So come along and pick a path of your own, step into the shoes of your own legend, and I'll be your guide to the fantastical worlds of Dungeons and Dragons!

GM style

Even in oneshots I love to incorporate roleplay and storytelling. One of my favorite parts of TTRPGs is giving a voice to characters and playing out their personal stories. I enjoy providing rich descriptions so players can immerse themselves in the game world, and use music and sound effects to help punctuate the game. Combat is something I like to think tactically about, and while I typically go with rules as written, for the sake of keeping things moving smoothly I'm definitely willing to go rule of cool pretty often, so I encourage you to get creative and come up with fun solutions (or if you prefer, fun ways to cause trouble). My philosophy as a DM is to provide a setting for the players to act in and allow them to take things in the direction they want, giving them an organic, breathing world where their actions drive the story. So come with me and let's tell your story! A few ground rules: - Be respectful of other players. DnD is a team game, so lets work together. - Be respectful of me. I appreciate being reminded of game elements I may lose in the chaos of a combat encounter, but to keep the game running smoothly for the sake of all players involved, please avoid challenging my rulings until after the game. - Help me keep the game inviting to all players. Murderous mayhem and complex moral choices are great for storytelling, but please keep the comfort of other players in mind as we go. My booking prices vary based on type of game requested, number of players, and hours per session.


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