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About me

I started playing RPGs in college, many years ago. I ran and played in games for years. After college I drifted away from gaming. Jump forward to 2020. The pandemic hit and I couldn't do any of my normal social activities. A friend of a friend invited me to their online RPG group and I was sucked back in. Since then I've been running multiple games a week, almost exclusively online. My games are narrative and story driven. Your character will main character. Their actions and decisions will drive the narrative forward. But the world around you is living and breathing! A side character introduced in session one may become important in session four. An ignored plot hook might turn into a real problem two sessions latter.

GM style

I consider myself the editor and director of our shared movie. The players are the ones telling the story. Their characters are in the spotlight, their actions create the narrative. My job, as the GM, is to weave all the these threads together into a coherent experience. My favorite piece of GM advice is "Ask leading questions, use the answer." I always want to tell a story with the players, never at them. My games are stories created with the players, not for the players. I always ensure that every player, and their character, is actively contributing to the story. Personally, my favorite part of GMing is offering tough choices to the players. Will you save your friend or will you save the kingdom? You can scale the cliff, but only if you let go of your father's sword. These are the moments when we learn what your character really cares about.

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