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About me

Hi Folx! My name is Josh (TheGovnar) and I am a professional DM/GM with over a decade’s worth of experience running TTRPGs for diverse populations all across the world. I have an endless portfolio of experience at my back much of which is available for you to check out over at, a TTRPG Live actual play channel that I co-own. There you will find examples of countless campaigns, one-shots, and games I have run.

GM style

I pair impressive creative and technical skills to create games that my players will never forget brought to them remotely. Detailed hand crafted battle maps, clever and original encounters, eerie ambiance and music, deep NPC's with individual voices and backstories. I leverage tools such as sirenscape, sound tale, roll20, dndbeyond, OBS, player checklists, and much more to bring an unforgettable and safe experience at the table for all involved. As a DM and GM I leverage years of experience as a role-player and my extensive understanding of how (and when) to apply rules to create immersive experiences that fulfil the expectations of both role players and mechanical players alike. My worlds live and breathe around each and every person at the table and feel wholly real and unique. I am equally comfortable teaching beginners how to play or working alongside experienced players to create new stories. If you enjoy expansive worlds with deep lore, dramatic combat and world encounters, thrilling role-play, and engaging use of game mechanics then I just may be the DM for you. So why not book a game today?


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