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About me

Being a game master is, straight-up, my favorite thing to do. I've been running D&D and other TTRPG campaigns for more than a decade, and that time has been some of the most creatively fulfilling I've ever spent. It was discovering Monster of the Week (and the PbtA system as a whole) that made me really appreciate the responsibility and role of the GM, however. MOTW is my favorite system, and together with my regular group we've crafted some amazing stories. Now, with the encouragement of my players, I've decided to offer my skills as a game master here. It's my hope that the games you and I will play are gonna be just as fun and exciting as the ones I've played with them.

GM style

Story and character work are key to my style. I'm far more interested in building an exciting narrative that challenges a group than I am in crunching numbers and following rules to the letter. My philosophy for running a great game involves figuring out what excites my players, what sparks their imaginations, and what challenges their characters. I give your party a problem, and they come up with the solution. My goal is for every session to be fast-paced, high-stakes, and memorable. Think DIE HARD more than LOTR. I'm ready to work in any genre, but my strengths lay in horror, low fantasy, and modern day sci-fi. To that end, I'm offering games that take place in custom settings of my own creation; you won't need to know anything going in, but you'll find rich history and world-building if you go looking. Paramount to what I do is player comfort and safety; while we'll likely touch on some dark themes, this is all for fun at the end of the day. I'll work with your entire group to figure out what is and isn't okay. Bigotry has no place at my table. And yes, I do voices.

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