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My name is Stephen, around the internet I’m The Bad DM. I’m the DM and creator of the Faeforge Academy and a lover of ttrpg and good stories! Ive been a "forever dm" by choice for about 6 years primarily running campaigns in homebrew settings for dnd 5e. As a DM I like to focus on character driven narratives and creating a space where everyone at the table is comfortable and safe to explore their characters and build a meaningful story together! A big part of that is built around our session 0, where I learn about your hopes and dreams for your characters and the campaign and that's where I really start to dive into the creation of our collaborative experience together! For examples of my DM style you can check out or go to

GM style

Im a roleplay and narrative driven GM. I care about the Players and their characters and look to tell a story with depth and meaning. I enjoy combat with meaning - I don't tend to set up combat just for the sake of grinding, or to roll dice. Encounters and experiences for the players should be more than that. I'm not a super crunchy DM, in that I care about the rules and structure of dnd, but absolutely make room for improvising, bending and even breaking those rules for the story and the benefit of the players. At the end of the day, I want the players around the table to feel like their stories are meaningful, that they matter as humans, and that their game is ~3 hours to laugh, cry, and make memories that will last a life time.

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