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About me

Since I was a child I've had a passion for adventure and heroic, dramatic lives. When I was a young teen I explored this passion in the dank basements of my close friends where we would have 36 hour TTRPG marathons of dungeon diving and monster slaying. I also pursued living out the epic lives of others on the stage, where I won awards as a competitive actor in the New England One Act Competitions and local Improvisational Acting competitions. After my school years I set out to cut my teeth and gain experience with a life of real world adventure. I've lived in several foreign countries across the globe and become intimately familiar with cultures profoundly different from my own. I've competed in Mixed Martial Arts competitions and worked as a Teacher, Fine Dining Waiter, SCUBA Instructor, Underwater Cave Dive Guide, and more. In the last few years I've returned obsessively to one of my oldest passions, TTRPG; but now I can bring all of my experience from years of being an adventurer and leader into the fold. I bring an easygoing and fun loving attitude that seeks to make others comfortable to manifest the characters they wish to portray into a shared story/simulation with like minded individuals. I bring organizational skills that allow The Table to stay in the action for the duration of a session. I take pride in my ability to craft and run games and sessions that are tailor-fit to a playstyle befitting the Players at The Table, and leave My Tables thoroughly entertained and fulfilled!

GM style

My favorite games to run and play in are a nearly even mix of social Role-Playing scenes, Combat scenes with interesting and dramatic environmental and tactical elements, and creative problem and puzzle solving. My specialty is a classic Standard Fantasy campaign consisting of exploring fascinating fantasy lands with alien races and cultures that have healthy balance of "Combat" and "Roleplaying Opportunities", That being said, I actually love almost every kind of game on the Roleplaying Game spectrum... I love a Political Intrigue campaign where the whole focus is how to gain power through wit and treachery and the party rarely will face off against an opposing force in pitched combat. I love a brutally lethal Megadungeon where each player should show up with at least 2 backup characters to make it through a session. I love a game that is basically an Improv Acting exercise and the dice rarely make an appearance to settle what's going on. I love a simulationist game where the Players can rely on the dice to setting EVERYTHING that goes on. I love Space Opera I love Westerns I love Xianxia I love Sword & Sorcery I love Sword & Sandals I love Pirates I love Heroes I love Villains I LOVE IT ALL! Mostly I love delivering to my Table what they enjoy out of a game, because when all the Players and the GM are on the same page about tone, style, theme, setting, expectations, etc... that is how I get the most buy-in from players and make the best games happen. My goal is always to assemble a group with compatible interests and then serve them a game that they are going to love.

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