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About me

Leave your blade in its sheathe, pull up a chair, and recover your spell slots. We have a story to tell, a tale, a quest. Fair maidens to slay, terrifying dragons to rescue, and kingdoms to lead to ruin. Or something like that. Welcome and well met, my name is Ryan and I am the Barefoot DM. I started many years ago running terrible homebrew campaigns in the first edition of Pathfinder, but you can now find me wandering the wilds of Faerun in Fifth Edition DnD, recording the deeds of epic heroes and vile villains, telling stories of might and wonder. I run a table where the story is something my players write and the ending is never certain. All are welcome at my table and the rules are as flexible as they need to be. I've run games everywhere from pubs in Australia to bomb shelters in Syria and love to witness the creativity and innovation of my players. So welcome! And roll initiative.

GM style

I run roleplay heavy games where combat is meaningful and many choices don't have a correct answer. My games often involve complicated politics and character motivations and my NPCs and monsters will act with the conviction and intention of real people. It is my strong opinion that the story is driven by the choices my players make. I write conflict into a setting, my players write the plot. I love to homebrew, so if you have a wild idea for a character that the rules of the game just don't quite do justice, I'm always happy to work with you on building something incredible.

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