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About me

Greetings, dear player or viewer. I am Themo, 23, and enjoy running 5e DnD Games, most of them Homebrewed or self-made. My games are run in the following time zones: AEDT/AEST |UTC | EST | CST | GMT+0 From my two concept-different "living " Worlds( Kreaturn and Galitum to various Beyond-Coded Races or Feats I supplement the campaigns I run myself. A majority of my maps are handmade by myself from World to Regional or Battlemaps. In addition, I search for a token or monster-specialized artist.Pl, contact me.

GM style

Game Style: ; highly challenging to comedic. tactical combat( castle siege)- a few puzzles Roleplay / Battle balanced; strongly reduced random encounters. Dm preference: I like a base storyline connecting the PC-Backstories. Making that is fun and running it. Maybe I want to include a mystery-side story.- You`ll see a West-Marches-Styl someday. ReadyContent: More races; 400 different Dungeons; 1 multidimensional Restaurant to explore and 3 Homebrewworlds: -Kreaturn; Neutral: ( center-world in the cosmos)No Dragons, Dangerous Longdisctance teleport travel, caused by the instability. Random portals open here and there 3 giant Power-nations in constant battle around the terrain. -> The Chaosregion, the 3 south countries of Kreaturn in a bridge of collapse and rebuild caused by the Old War magics disrupting the land. -> The Muremencity, a 10 000 000 inhabitant mega-urban area of adventures, retail of magical boons; gear, and home to 24 various Factions with their own DnDfeat. -Galitum ; Chaotic: Magical Corruption Humanoids mutate into Monsters, Monsters become more Intelligent and piracy around the big Ocean Creston. Who will invade the Humanworld first ?! The Sephanic Union( peacefull) or the Krongic Regime(Dictator). -Sinatorum: Lawfull: ( work in progress) High Technological; High Magical; ( Ravnica-setting )The Capital Sinarum

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