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About me

I have had multiple years of experience running DND 3.5, 5e, and some games of complete homebrew of my own creation. I'm currently reading through pathfinder and lancer to make those who prefer pathfinder more readily available to my schedule. Between my love of the game and my charismatic nature, this line of entertainment is perfect for my players and myself to really get immersed into the games we build together. I love character creation and building complex worlds for the players to really jump into. I always contact players and go out of my way to make sure each person is ready before the game starts, and will only apply late fees to players who fail to show up after taking a seat, or cancel after session time has started, although i would be more than willing to refund any seat, or even late fee for a player who tries to contact me about said problems before or after. I do enjoy players who bring lots of life to the table and know how to joke around and have a good time even outside of session, id love to see what kind of games we make as a group!

GM style

With a focus on roleplay, my games also provide expertise in so many other categories like combat tactics, unique monsters and items, map creation, roleplay, NPC voices, and so much more. What I want is players to feel comfortable and invested in these games, I want them spending the session having a good time. And logging off to talk to their friends and families about it. I want the same passion I have when playing to be passed along to the players I meet at the table. I want people to feel important to the story and be invested in the narritive enough to want to always come back no matter what happens.


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