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About me

Ever since I was young stories about epic quests, brave (and sometimes not-so-brave) heroes triumphing over fearsome creatures and dreadful foes have mesmerized me. Finding out about tabletop role-playing games changed the way I saw fantasy. The change from static narration to being involved in the world and story blew me away. Since that first session on my friend's back porch in the summer heat, I have played and run several systems, campaigns lasting several years of weekly games, and experienced all kinds of worlds. So far I have introduced over 2 dozen new players to Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun, and I would love to bring this experience to as many new players as I can. My campaigns include things like fully soundtracked adventures, all maps custom made by me, and a loose, friendly atmosphere at the table. I am available for specific game requests in addition to my posted offerings. I can run games in various fantasy settings, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and space operas. If I do not know the system you want to use, I can study it prior to game start, I am always happy to learn a new system!

GM style

My start with TTRPGs was centered around roleplay and theater of the mind gameplay. This has given me a much more relaxed style of running games even now that I tend to use battle maps for combat. I enjoy running big boss battles with small encounters leading up to them instead of lots of average encounters, Roleplaying is one of my favorite aspects of GMing. Giving my players interesting stories and characters to interact with and finding ways of challenging their creativity is what drives me to run games. I primarily run homebrew settings and content, but I occasionally run modules. As a firm believer in rule 0, I will bend the rules to suit my table and ensure the game is fun above all else.


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