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Cameron "Surprise"

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About me

Hello, my name is Cameron, I have been a DM for about 5 years. I love D&D with a burning passion and I want to expand that love beyond my groups of friends and give people a nice, joyful, laughter filled time playing this nerdy game. What you might be surprised is that, I have not ran a module. However, I have ran my own Homebrew Worlds for 5 years which ALL my games I host will be based it one or the other. To that end I have my own Pantheon you can choose from. With that skill set I prefer long-ish campaigns My players do enjoy my games a lot to where they keep coming back for more the next session. I am not a perfect Dungeon Master, I do not think I will be a pro at all, but I can ensure a great time with good characters, NPCs, story, combat, and world exploration. Note that all rates are negotiable, this is a part time thing that I wouldn't mind being a full time thing. Feel free to reach out to my Discord to discuss or have questions :) Feel free to message me about times too, I do have a job was well so I can play in the evenings when I do work.

GM style

My DMing style is very "Rule of Cool" otherwise known as the "Matthew Mercer Style". I believe the rules Wizards of The Coast laid out for us all can be subjective and can be taken or replaced. I like to stay pretty even when it comes to combat, Roleplay, and Exploration/Detail. Not every session will be perfectly balanced, but I will hope regardless, you, the potential player, will have fun. I take character creation seriously to a point; such as if you, the possible player, want to do a goofy thing for the memes I am all about it, say less. I also love helping people find their perfect combination to make their dream character. If I cannot help find it, I have friends who love to character build more than me they will more than willing to lend a hand. On that note, I will also use your characters and stories that could impact others in the story in my other games. I do allow Homebrew, I have a drive of all that I allow which can be given upon session 0.

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