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About me

Hello fair traveler! My name is Brain, I'm a 26 year old He/They from Kentucky and I have always loved to play D&D even before I could read the pages of any rule book. I've been playing in various games both good and bad for as long as I can remember and those experiences have taught me how to run an inclusive, fun, heart pounding game for all to enjoy. Are you new to the Table Top Roleplay? No problem, I'm more than happy to guide you through character creation and the rules to make sure you can have the time of your life. Are you a veteran of countless tables? Prepare yourself to be challenged in every aspect of the game from how you combat the forces of darkness to how you unravel the world before you. When you book me, you book a game that has been personalized to your experience level and to how you want to play your game. Everything between a narrative driven story to a dynamic dungeon crawls to a massive open world where the only limit is the horizon. I currently run anything D&D5e from Ebberon, Exandria, and Ferun to adventures like Curse of Strad, Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and Decent into Avernus. Though my current pride and joy is a homebrew world that I created a few years ago called The Great Wrath. A world not so far from our own with Magic, technology, and ruins of our modern time scattered across what's left of the scared earth. Built from the ground up with D&D5e in mind. These games are run through a combination of Roll20, Discord, and DnDbeyond which allows me to cater the perfect and seamless experience for my players. So what are you waiting for? Gather round the table and let us tell a story together.

GM style

I cater each game to the player. I'm flexible between rule heavy combat focused dungeon crawls, character driven heart pounding roleplay heavy experiences, and everything in between. I DM for the enjoyment of the player.

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