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About me

Howdy ya'll! I am a laid back GM who is looking to have some fun and spread the joy of tabletop roleplaying games. I am most familiar with D&D 5e and currently own everything on D&D Beyond. I am willing to run modules or homebrew campaigns. During our games I may be the director but you're both the producers and the stars! When I play, my goal is fun. Fun for you (and me). I promise you that for every hour of session time, I am putting in an equal amount of preparation in advance. I hope to talk to you soon!

GM style

I love it all. I love introducing new folk to the hobby. Prior to the start of any campaign, I will work with you to tailor the campaign to what you are looking for. Sometimes that's a unique world crafted from scratch, sometimes that is the latest module put out by content creators. Ultimately though you'll find that my style lends itself to creating interesting and memorable storylines. I prefer living worlds, not static ones. Non-player characters will react to you and the world will be one we create together. If you choose to be a particularly strange humanoid in a land of humans, elves, and dwarves, they will react to you, just as the lizardfolk are going to also eye up any humans, elves, and dwarves that are trespassing on their land. Equally, time moves. If you choose to not take a quest, or take one up instead of another, then you'll find that when you return the quest may no longer be available. I am particularly a fan of having events occur in the background of the campaign, or even behind the scenes, in response to the players. This way they may find that they have set something in motion that was... unintended. Finally, I am but a conduit for the dice. While I might choose to intervene on the rare occasion, I typically let the results of dice rolls play out as I find the most interesting story-telling stems from the true results of a dice roll.

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