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Peter the Beholder
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About me

I've been GMing roleplaying games for over 20 years. I'm the quintesential "forever GM." Running games brings me a ton of joy and I want to bring that joy to other players! I love big, fun, bombastic action-adventure stories and my games tend to resemble those. If you want a tabletop experience that emphasizes big moments, a sense of momentum, and player engagement, then I'm the GM for you. Preferred Games: Dungeons and Dragons (5e), Spirit of the Century (FATE system), Broken Compass, Blades in the Dark

GM style

GM Style: I like big, cinematic adventure. That means I narrate scenes to be as entertaining as possible. Rule of cool is rule 1 at my table. I'm the player's friend and I want them to tell the most fun, memorable story they can. I play flexible with the rules if it means making a more interesting scene. Sometimes that means players can bend the rules to do something cool in their favor. Other times, it means I'm bending the rules in order to create a tense/dangerous situation for the players to overcome! Roleplaying Style: I love roleplaying and get into the character of my NPCs. I always try NPC voices (to varying levels of success) and physicality. This means that I keep my camera on during sessions so players can get the most out of the experience. Players are encouraged to do the same, but absolutely isn't required. Combat Style: This depends on the game system (obviously). For all systems, however, I focus on exciting action set-pieces. Players are encouraged to use their environment creatively, and I will do the same. I will narrate fight scenes to make them feel as exciting, urgent, and cinematic as possible.

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