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About me

Hello! My name is Stanley and I have almost a decade of experience as a game master. Over the years I have ran games for many groups ranging from middle schoolers, high schoolers, college kids and fully grown adults, and have a good idea of what people of these age groups find fun and engaging. Over the years I have run many types of campaigns, (comedic, serious, intrigue, urban, sci-fi, fantasy and more) and have had parties with all sorts of players with varying backgrounds, interests, and playstyles. I have received good feedback about my GMing style and the quality of my games. My primary experience is with Pathfinder 1e, I have a solid mastery of the setting and system (as much as anyone can for such a complex game). I also have experience with Call of Cthulhu, Cubicle 7's Doctor Who, FFG Star Wars, Pendragon, a Song of Ice and Fire, and have access to the rulebooks for many others (listed in the tags below). My games are LGBT+ and POC inclusive, and my table is a safe space for my players and I do my best to ensure that every player feels included. I enjoy running all types of games, whether RP or combat heavy, or a mix of the two I try my best to ensure that even the parts that players are less interested in are still engaging and fun. Finally, my games are definitely beginner friendly, I have had to teach people how to play Pathfinder 1e which can be tough to learn. So I am more than willing to teach newbies the ropes! Happy gaming!

GM style

On two occasions I have made a player cry while GMing, in a good way. The PC's character arc resolved in such a way that the player cried tears of joy. If that's not a testament to how well I can roleplay and construct a character arc then I don't know what is. As you can tell I like roleplay, and I like players who also like to roleplay. Not every character arc can be tear-worthy, but I can and do work with players to make their arcs and characters fun to play and emotionally satisfying. Assuming that's what players want from their game and character, I am more than willing to run a game without some of the deeper stuff but all this should be covered in a session 0 anyway. I also enjoy running combat (Pathfinder 1e is one of my favourite systems afterall) and feel as though I can make encounters fun, tough, and engaging even for parties that don't like combat as much. Ultimately these games should be player focused, so I am more than willing to adjust to the group's preferences.

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