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About me

Hi, my name is Alex and I've been running D&D and similar games for the past 8 years or so, getting seriously into it about 4 years ago. I typically work in remote areas across Canada in the summer, so my campaigns will have a clearly defined runtime, giving players an idea of what they are getting into ahead of time. I specialize in running large games with multiple parties and intersecting goals, so that will be the theme of my first campaign this winter. Prepare to entered the Shattered Kingdom, an empire surrounded by enemies and teetering on the brink of civil war! Some of my reviews give me a placeholder name, I promise I'm not stealing reviews.

GM style

I typically do a 60/40 mix of roleplay and combat, with puzzles being quite rare (though social puzzles and mysteries are a theme I strive for!). Discovering hidden plots about the world around your party, such as the identity of an enemy or what happened to a person or place will result in that sweet XP or milestone increase. NPCs have a variety of goals, knowledge and skillsets. They will not have combat training or spellcasting that does not fit their role, their is no level 20 retired adventurer selling beer for 1 cp. The only thing keeping players in check is social convention! And also the consequences of their actions. I do try to use different accents and speech patterns, but they might change a bit between sessions. Or between sentences. Eim werken on it. Combat is challenging and designed to advance the plot as opposed to an XP grind. I try to ensure that enemies have motive to fight the party beyond being mindless mobs, and that there progress made with each party victory.

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