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About me

Playing RPG's since age 12. I currently work in the Hollywood film "industry" but have always escaped to TTRPGs and board games to have fun and relieve stress. Love storytelling and integrating player's imaginations to make the world feel personal to the group. I do have my own campaign setting that I am currently writing for publication, BUT I've spent decades of game play in many different systems and can adapt to ANY GAME SYSTEM my players require. My knowledge with game systems includes, but is not limited to: 1st Edition AD&D through 5E (includes Pathfinder), Ars Magica, Cathulu, Deadlands, Star Wars, Vampire: The Masquerade, Cyberpunk, Warhammer Fantasy.

GM style

Trained voice actor and writer, with a leaning toward role-play or as my friends call it Zen-DMing. While I thoroughly plan a module/campaign, I will follow the lead player's give me. I also have a healthy liking for min-maxers and try to make combats tactically challenging and fun. I enjoy watching the party succeed, but I give to the Dice-Gods, what the Dice-Gods claim and if I get hot on rolls I will wincingly watch the party die or flee. I enjoy insinuating political intrigue and social issues for the characters to overcome as well as monsters (especially for high-level play). I lean toward "low-magic" campaigns, and like when player's try to create their own items or opportunities to obtain/negotiate for magic items (as this makes magic more important).


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