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About me

I'm a big talkative nerd.🤓 I have ADHD, so topics of conversation will bounce frequently but I like to think of it as a boon in my DMing style. I have two kids and love teaching people how to play DND. I welcome new and old players alike to my table, even DMs who are looking to play every once in a while. I offer memorable NPCs and a safe table space for all people! I love fantasy and try to create worlds where everyone feels welcomed. I even provide a community discord channel where you're more than welcome to stay after we play! I am very into dynamic story telling and love to give players a cinematic type DND game. High risk lots of humor and moments of turmoil. I want everyone to shine and have a good time. I feel like my table is a place to get emotional, it's a place to get invested. Let's tell a story together as it's OUR campaign. I welcome questions about whatever and am not afraid of a challenge. Remember as your DM it is my job to make sure you enjoy yourself. So let's roll some dice.

GM style

How long have you been GM-ing? -I've been running games for about 6 years and counting! What styles of game do you prefer? -I run comedic lore heavy homebrew games with an even amount of combat and roleplay. I love to incorporate the things players love and world build together! What platforms do you use? -I have run in person games although that may not happen here. That's fine! I use discord/roll20 to run games. Discord is for lore and voice connection. Roll 20 for combat! Strict by the book dm or more loose or middle road? -I am usually more loose leaning! The rules help influence my decision but I'm open to suggestions by players and by what's happening in the now. Let's keep it going instead of figuring out the nitty gritty. What systems do you run? -I am very familiar with 5e as it's welcoming to new players and flexible with creativity! (YOU CAN BOOK ME FOR CUSTOM HOMEBREW CAMPAIGNS. HIT THAT BUTTON ON THE BOTTOM!)


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