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About me

Hail and welcome Adventurers! My name is Sean, and I have been playing TTRPGs since the late 1990s in games like Hero Quest and Dragon Strike. I've been playing D&D for 7 years and have a reputation for crafting intricate, memorable storylines and building fully realized worlds that bring my players' imaginations to life. I believe that the key to a successful D&D game is communication and engagement. I'm an excellent communicator and am always looking for new ways to challenge and engage my players. I favor playing Adventure Modules but will often add homebrew to the campaign with thought-provoking encounters designed to test players' skills and wits, and I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions for changes from my players. My ultimate goal is to make sure that every player has an enjoyable and memorable experience, no matter their level of experience with D&D. If you're looking for a talented and experienced Dungeon Master to run a paid D&D game, I would be honored to bring your imagination to life. I have a good understanding of the mechanics of D&D. I'm dedicated to creating a comprehensive world unique to each new game, roleplaying well-developed NPCs, and narrating equal parts exciting & challenging encounters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join me for a game!

GM style

I am a collaborator, and together were telling a story. I believe that a great D&D experience is one where everyone feels invested and engaged, and I work hard to make sure that my player's choices are integral to the flow of the adventure. I value player agency. I encourage my players to be creative and take the lead in shaping the story. I like to solicit input from the players on what types of adventures they would like to go on or what types of characters they would like to play. My goal is to create a compelling narrative unique to each player that their created characters can be a part of. The games I run, in general, are serious in tone but there will always be moments of comedy. I enjoy roleplaying and attempting to voice act out my characters but it is never perfect and I will sometimes revert to describing the conversation if I can't keep a particular voice going. To ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable, I always establish clear lines and veils at the beginning of the game. These are boundaries that players can set for themselves, such as topics or experiences that they do not want to explore during the game. I respect these boundaries and make sure that all players are aware of them. I also make sure to take breaks as needed and check in with my players throughout the game. This allows us to address any concerns or discomfort and make adjustments as needed. I like to play with some homebrew rule changes and you should feel encouraged to homebrew too! Our game is whatever we decide it to be at our table. I will never fudge dice rolls because randomness is important to make the game fun.

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