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About me

You know what I hate? Dungeon delving adventures with no character development or character relationships. I can get that from Diablo games. You know what I love? Narrative scenes. Dramatic character arcs. Combat that feels dangerous and relevant. I grew up on Dungeons and Dragons, like most of us did, but I branched out and found that some other games help capture these elements better than D&D did. I love new players. Having new players in the group allows us all to remember what it was like being new, to guide them in a manner that unites us as friends, and most of all, to teach them that an RPG doesn't have to be about dungeons and combat. I do have a few (completely unprofessional) videos on my Youtube from the last 3 years. I like to keep our game sessions available so we can revisit them. This includes our Vampire: The Masquerade game and our short Hunter: The Reckoning game that really never got resolved. Feel free to explore and get a sense for my game master style.

GM style

I love roleplay, dynamic and dramatic character growth, and combat scenes that feel dangerous and important. The story is everything. If something takes away from the enjoyment of the story, like a 3 hour long boring combat, I tend to see it as a failure to correct. Some of my favorite sessions have been PCs roleplaying with each other, spending hours trying to prepare or deal with a situation I have put them in. That's the real meat and bones of a great, memorable, RPG.


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