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About me

Welcome, traveler, to my page! I am a huge fan of Fantasy and Horror, growing up on equal parts B-horror movies and epic adventures. I'm a bit of a forever DM, dating back to my early high school days, where going on quests and giving siege to castles turned out to be a wonderful way to combat my own anxieties in real life. I first fell in love with TTRPGs playing in a homebrewed game DMed by the owner of my FLGS. Since then, I've spent some time DMing professionally at another local game store, and at my personal table have had great success running campaigns set in the Forgotten Realms. (Curse of Strahd, Descent into Avernus, Lost Mines of Phandelver, etc.) When I'm not DMing, I'm typically working on DnD (like most DMs, am I right?) Beyond that, you can find me playing games (Hades, Solasta, Xcom, etc.), traveling, listening to podcasts, and cooking.

GM style

I tend to try and mix Tactical Combat and Roleplay, but my goal is to make sure that at the end of the day, my players got to help me tell a compelling story, experienced a challenge, and had a good time while doing it. When it comes to dice rolls, 99% of the things I roll for as a DM, I roll in front of the players. (Or rather, openly in chat!) I believe that the dice are there to help tell the story. Rules wise, I try to stick to the script as much as is possible, though, if there is something that I'm not able to come up with a ruling on immediately, I tend to make a call to keep things moving, then go back and read up on what it should have been.


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