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About me

Greeting Adventurers, I’m Sean, I'm 25 years old and living in Canada currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Engineering. I've been a GM for almost a decade now and have been playing D&D even longer. I've always been inspired to transform the fleeting ideas in my head into stories, and the best way I've found to do that is playing D&D with all manner of people. The worlds I've crafted area product of years of work and love rolled into adventures that are uniqely mine. I hope you'll join me in many adventures to come!

GM style

D&D for me has always been about telling an epic story, and in interacting with my players I see myself as their ally, not their enemy. As a GM I avoid excessive rule lawyering and ecourage player creativity. When it comes to preparing a campaign there are 2 things I always focus on to make sure every player feels like the hero they want to be: 1. Atmosphere The best part of a game is feeling like you walk in a living breathing world, one with magic and mystery around every corner and endless mysteries to uncover. No place is off limits, and no person doesn’t have a story! 2. Agency Players should always feel their actions affect the world around them. Every action has consequences, good and bad, and by focusing on those consequences I allow my players to shape the story we tell and make their mark wherever they go. That means every mistake, every conversation, every choice will be felt somewhere down the line, for better or for worse.

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