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About me

Hi! I'm Ryan (he/him), I'm 31 years old, and I've been playing and GMing TTRPGs for about a decade now. While I cut my teeth on D&D 5e and it remains my favorite, I've also made my way into other systems, including but not limited to: - Vampire: the Masquerade (V5 and V20) - Hunter: the Reckoning (H5) - Call of Cthulhu - Pathfinder 2e I'm a strong believer in the "rule of cool" and story over rules, and I make it my aim to make sure that all of my games are accessible and welcoming to everyone, especially LGBTQ+ folks, BIPOC, and women. Above all, I know that we're all here to have fun, so that is my main priority in any game. I encourage any of my players to talk to me if something is not to their liking, and I will do my best to ensure we work out a solution. I look forward to playing with you!

GM style

I enjoy a good mix of roleplay and combat, with some fun puzzles and exploration sprinkled in for good measure. I'd say, if you're leaving it up to me, my games usually have a 60/40 roleplay to combat ratio. I also love doing character voices, even if I'm not a pro at it.

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