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About me

Aspiring GM eager to bring your tabletop stories to life using Roll20's robust tools. I have a Pro subscription to leverage features like dynamic lighting, detailed fog of war, and curated playlists for immersive ambience. My focus is on facilitating engaging, collaborative storytelling. I welcome constructive feedback from my players as I develop my GM skills. I promise to bring an enthusiastic, creative approach to each session, constantly striving to improve the experience for the entire group.

GM style

As a GM, I strive to strike a balance between rich roleplay and compelling combat encounters. I enjoy getting into character voices and bringing NPCs to life, but also excel at running dynamic, tactical battles using miniatures and terrain. Roleplay and storytelling are vital parts of my campaigns. I work with players to craft detailed backstories and personality traits to enable immersive interactions. My NPC portrayals are theatrical and help drive intrigue. I make sure every character has clear motivations and goals. That said, I also love exciting, complex battles. Using a mix of published adventures and homemade encounters, each fight presents new, challenging scenarios. I utilize terrain, weather effects, and intelligent foes to keep combat engrossing. My familiarity with rules helps keep action smooth. My campaigns feature a healthy mix of social encounters, exploration, and combat to appeal to different playstyles. Sessions pace out roleplay, investigation, and fights so no one aspect dominates. I'm upfront about themes and depth of roleplay so players know what to expect. My goal is for all players to feel valued through character development, impactful choices, and opportunities to shine in and out of combat. I thrive on collaborative storytelling driven by players' decisions. If this blend of roleplay and tactical play sounds fun, you'll enjoy my DMing style!


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