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About me

My love of role-playing games began with one simple question during an after-school D&D campaign hosted by my high school math teacher. Our party entered a seemingly empty village and found a large cache of valuables waiting in the town square. Two terrified villagers approached and begged us not to take anything, explaining that the supplies were there to appease an approaching bandit party. But the villagers were at an impasse: without the supplies, they would perish; without the offering, the bandits would take everything by force. More villagers emerged from hiding, some warning us away and others begging for our help. "So," my teacher asked, "What do you want to do?" As a professional GM, my goal is to share the thrill of endless possibility and moral urgency I felt then by combining my backgrounds in performance, writing fiction, and multimedia art to set the stage for *your* creativity. The adventures I write, the worlds I develop, and the characters I play are there to help you choose which problems to solve and how to solve them, because those choices are what make role-playing games so rewarding. So, what do you want to do?

GM style

I try to conform my style to whatever is best-suited to each party and their campaign. There are so many ways to enjoy this game that I find it works best to ask players a lot of questions, seek a lot of feedback, and always be prepared to adjust. I take a lot of pride in the reviews people write after playing in my games, but here are three which I think best reflect the kind of experience I always strive for: "Derek gives players the space to have fun and really enjoy their characters. He encourages role play and allows his games to really interact with his player's actions." - Cory "The mark of a great DM isn't simply knowing the rules, or having all the tools money can buy. The real mark is when they are a gifted storyteller that draws you in, and doesn't let you go until they leave you wanting more next week. Derek is an exciting DM -- and I have played with hundreds, and would only say that about a handful. " - Bruce "I can’t say enough good things about Derek. He seamlessly blends homebrew and official content. Encourages and rewards creativity. His world building, theatrics and writing are second to none. Lastly, he can keep a table mixed with with old pros and noobs running smoothly and happy. If he is running a game you are interested in, don’t hesitate and book it now." - Locke

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