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About me

Hi, this account now represents a Paired DM experience, and all games run beneath this name will have two different individuals who simultaneously run the games side by side. Rex. Handles all male NPC's and voice work, and is the primary handler of setting up maps and missions. Manages combat scenarios primarily. Game mechanic rulings generally fall on Rex's shoulders if he is present, and he will favor whatever keeps things quick paced, snappy, and realistic. Ethos. She handles all female NPC's and voice work, and is the co-writer for all story elements in the game. Though she is not the primary combat scenario runner, she will take over should Rex have to step out. Ethos is handler of the notes & records, and should be approached if reference to something is needed. Both are dedicated gamers and RPers and have been in the hobby for over two decades now. Having met playing Star Wars & Gundam scenarios, the two have a vast breadth of experience across all genres.. Though Ethos favors the that which is steeped in dark magics. The gothic, and the grim. From Dark Eldar to Vampire Countesses. Rex in turn favors the less magical side of things, from Dinosaur riding Barbarians to star hopping Mecha Jockeys. We hope that our ability to provide diverse voice work and jointly DMed sessions will help things move at a faster, smoother pace and improve player immersion, and we take a lot of pride in our welcoming atmosphere and the positive experiences that we've been able to provide to our players. We also hope that you'll join one of our tables and participate in the worlds we've spun for others to enjoy, and that you will walk away with memories and stories to tell your fellow gamers for a life time.

GM style

As a DM we work in a flexible manner to provide experiences for our players which we believe to be what they are seeking at the time. Before and between games we work closely with our players, offering options both officially published and homebrewed to try and help them achieve the character concept they have in mind and figure out where they will take the story. In session we work to keep people comfortable and the game moving quickly enough so as to not get stagnated in constant mook-slogs, shopping trips or rules discussions or other mundane upkeep activities that could be handled off-session. The world is alive and moves even as players discuss and plot, and the spotlight shifts as events transpire both on and off the stage. We enjoy using animated gifs for bosses, carefully selected music to improve the ambiance, and weather effects to brighten or darken the mood of the scene, increasing the immersion as much as possible for my players.

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