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Dinosaurs and Robots. If you asked my friends two things to describe the kind of person I am, these are the two words you'd hear the most. I'm a guy fascinated by the distant past and the far future, and all the wonderful anachronistic sorts of set pieces which can be mixed with the two. Lumbering beasts and smoke belching sky ships. Mechanized men holding the line against primordial shell-backed arthropodal things of another age. Tall ships that sail 'pon the aether current 'tween the stars on their trips to strange and wonderful worlds. I like to weave interesting narratives with the things I love, and watch as players experience my stories, and how they choose to deal with the peoples and problems that populate them. As for who I am as a person, I am a lucky son, born to parents who encouraged freedom of thought and mental growth. I was lucky to be surrounded by family who were all too happy to let me explore things like Star Trek, and Dune, and The Hobbit. Where conversations about the meanings of these stories could last until dawn. I have a love especially for interactive art, having been bitten by the video gamer bug during Nintendo's gaming renaissance, and not long after I discovered the wide world of Role Playing. It is my dream to impart on people experiences with the worlds and narratives I put together that will stay with them for the rest of their lives... And I hope that by making my mark here, I will be able to do just that. With the pandemic having impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, I have had to leave behind my previous work at the community college teaching students who were not technologically experienced, or who simply came from a different culture and found themselves struggling, how to use and operate our computers and the software needed for their classes. I take great pride in knowing how many I have helped succeed at their studies to chase their own dreams. I now hope to accomplish my previously mentioned dream here and earn enough from it to make a living. Homebrew Campaigns I offer: Skull & Shackles: Steampunk Edition A modified Pathfinder 1e Campaign featuring Gestalt built characters. The Ingen Incident: Survival on Isla Sorta A DnD 5e sandbox game with Modern rules added, set in the world of Jurassic Park. Please contact me if your group (Minimum 4, Maximum 7) is interested in playing through one of these campaigns.

GM style

As a DM I work in a flexible manner to provide experiences for my players which I believe to be what they are seeking at the time. Before and between games I work closely with my players, offering options both officially published and homebrewed to try and help them achieve the character concept they have in mind and figure out where they will take the story. In session I work to keep people comfortable and the game moving quickly enough so as to not get stagnated in constant mook-slogs, shopping trips or rules discussions or other mundane upkeep activities that could be handled off-session. The world is alive and moves even as players discuss and plot, and the spotlight shifts as events transpire both on and off the stage. I enjoy using animated gifs for enemies, carefully selected music to improve the ambiance, and weather effects to brighten or darken the mood of the scene, increasing the immersion as much as possible for my players. Right now I am on a pirate kick, and am looking for players specifically for a modified Steampunk version of Paizo's Skull & Shackles for Pathfinder 1st Edition, with other modules sprinkled in such as a converted version of the Port Peril Pub Crawl, as well as larger ones like Ire of the Storm. Homebrew content is heavy, and an expanded story which will last the players to Level 20 has been implemented. So, if you're looking to set sail for pirate themed adventure & plunder, please toss me a line and hopefully we can work something out! Alternatively I offer a DnD 5e experience using converted Modern d20 rules. The Ingen Incident: Survival on Isla Sorna. A sandbox game where you and several others are hired as an investigative team to scope out what InGen is doing with the island of Isla Sorna, one of several they've rented from the Costa Rican government, from which the native Bribri population has been forcibly evicted. This game features heavy exploration and survival themes in its play, and a roster of Dinosaurs with completely new abilities to make them much more interesting foes.. or potential allies.

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