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Hello, I am a [M][Beholder][35] seeking an enthusiastic party of adventurers to raid my dungeons... Ideal candidates are... - Knowledgeable of the game rules, or eager and ready to learn - Excited to tell a collaborative story where they are the central cast - Prepared to make meaningful choices with tangible consequences (potentially involving eye-ray-related disintegrations)

GM style

I have run printed adventures in every game I play, but most of my campaigns are homebrew stories of my own design. I make great effort to tie the cast of PCs directly into the narrative, and give them agency to change the direction of the story and the state of the world. My guiding motto is "play the ball where it lands" - the game is at its best when it is unexpected and emergent. I love when players roleplay, but it isn't required at my table. I will regularly use character voices and (occasionally appropriate) accents for NPCs, but I do not expect players to speak exclusively in-character. I love crunchy tactics in my combat, and enjoy roughing up PCs now and then. I personally believe that the risk of failure is what makes these games dramatic and meaningful, so I do not shy away from paradigm-changing consequences - being pursued by the law, friends turning to enemies, and yes, PC death, are all on the table. For these reasons I pair best with players who get invested in their characters and the world, and put thought and consideration into their actions. For games with a wealth of added content (I'm looking at you, 5e) I like to stick to book-printed material as much as possible, although I'm open to homebrew adjustments where they make sense for the character or story.


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