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About me

About Me: I am a Canadian born guy, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been living and travelling abroad for over 10 years now and it has helped me to meet thousands of wonderful people and engage in exchange of culture. I have a background in Education and Sales. I am able to draw on my experiences to help bolster and develop my DM style. I absolutely love character development, intriguing social structures, difficult choices, and challenging encounters. The games I run are a mix of Wizards of the Coast official content, sprinkles of Dragonlance, and heavily homebrewed. My main campaign exists in a completely homebrewed world, the land of Azorea. A world playtested and fleshed out through two separate, long running campaigns. The world is full of interesting places, people, and fearsome challenges and dangers. Each campaign is its own and the way the world unfolds and reacts to your actions will be entirely unique to your game. The world may be the same at the beginning of a campaign, but it will look very different by the time you are done.

GM style

I make a great effort to create a living breathing world in which your characters play an integral role in its history and future. I aim to weave the story around your created characters and their backstories. You are a part of this world and the world will change as a result of your actions. The world is very much an action and reaction type setting. I look forward to working with you to create a character that you will enjoy developing throughout our campaign together. As long as the rules of the game are being adhered to, I am very much a Rule of Cool DM. I love my players to feel like Bad-A's and using their cool abilities to alter the world and battlefield around them. The balance between combat, roleplay, and exploration can vary widely between campaigns. One group may enjoy the smash and grab type playstyle, while another might prefer political intrigue and high stakes social encounters. While I aim to have a mix of all aspects to my game, I can appreciate that certain groups are looking for a distinctive playstyle, so I will work closely with all of you during our session zero to develop a clear idea of your expectations. I am always willing to receive feedback, critiques, and requests from my players. We are all learning and growing together, if at any point there is an issue, or simply something you wish to converse about, I am an open door DM. Just as the world is always changing and in flux, so is our game environment. If a certain aspect of the game excites YOU and would like to see more of it in game, I am only a message away. Through teamwork and collaboration, we will create a memorable and exciting campaign for everyone involved! I look forward to meeting you in the world of Azorea.

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