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Rebecca L
Women/Femme Identifying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Visual Aid

About me

I've been playing DnD 5e since 2015, and have DM'ed one shots and small campaigns since 2017. I've also run a 6 month sci-fi campaign using Stars Without Number. My personal favourite to run at the moment is Alien by Free League. I love drawing up maps, finding the perfect art for characters, putting together playlists, and curating an experience with all the tools I can. I am a massive nerd, and spend my summers LARPing. I also used to be a teacher, so I like to think I am good at teaching newbies the ropes, and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. Join my discord channel:

GM style

To me, roleplaying games are all about telling a good story with a bunch of people. I am not a massive rules lawyer and like to be flexible as long as everyone is having fun and the spirit of the game is being kept intact! Roleplay: Big yes! Voices are not required! You can either speak 'as' your character or describe what they say in 3rd person. Eg. "Hey shopkeep, how much for these fancy arrows?" vs. "Elsie is going to ask how much the magic arrows cost". Ambiance: Absolutely!! Expect maps, music, and short but sweet descriptions of your surroundings. Puzzles: Not in every session, but yes! These can be as simple or as hard as needed, depending on how much a group enjoys them. Tactical combat: I am not into super complex combat, but will vary the combat from one session to another to keep it interesting. Also, I will not force combat to happen in every session if it doesn't make narrative sense.


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