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About me

Hi everyone! Im James, a huge D&D fan from the UK. I'm really into the collaborative storytelling aspect of the medium and enjoy nothing more than working with player backstories to create satisfying character arcs for the players at my tables. I'm a massive RP fan and do my best to facilitate that, be it through PC-NPC interactions or via PC-PC dialogue. I also like setting rewarding and exciting combat scenarios for my players! I have played DnD for longer than I can remember and have been DMing for 3 years. I'm reliable, personable and at the end of the day, just want to create an enjoyable environment in which we can safely board the Imagination Helicopter and have a really good time!

GM style

I'd say my influences as a DM come from things like the Dragonlance and LOTR books in addition to the Aliens, Highlander and Godfather movies. One of my favourite celebrity GMs is Troy Lavallee from the Glasscannon podcast. I aim to create games that lie somewhere on the 'darker' end of the spectrum, these fantasy worlds can be tough places for their inhabitants (it tends to rain a lot). I am, though, 100% focussed on the fact this is a game to be enjoyed and I pride myself on my tables being fun places to be! I'm looking for players who primarily want to have fun and are willing to help facilitate the enjoyment of fellow participants, lean into each other's backstories/character ideals and faults etc. Players who are respectful of each other and who realise that by working together, we can create some truly memorable stories. I have been told that I have a good range of accents which help make NPCs memorable and I am particularly good at meshing PC backstories with the overall campaign. I really enjoy the RP and combat side of the game, and most sessions will include elements of both!

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