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Pick me! There are a lot of good GM/DMs on this site, but many are actually NPC profiles. If you check my profile and reviews, you will see I have actual genuine bard levels... (you may roll Sense Motive...) I have been playing games for 20 years,and running them for 17. I have ran a half dozen campaigns to completion, each lasting over 1-2 years. I have GMed for over 28 players, of diverse backgrounds and with different player needs. I have also ran games at Kubla Con, and published an adventure for Pathfinder called "Wretched Fate", which is set in an India-like setting and has 5 stars on Amazon. Have previously run: Dungeons and Dragons 3.0-3.5, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Pathfinder, The Warhammer 40k RPGs by FFG: Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Death Watch. Have also played: Shadowrun, Legend of Five Rings, Call of Cthulu, Dungeons Dragons 4.0. I am open to running these or any other system. If you have a group to play with you can find my availability here: If you are solo (do not have a group to play with) I have a spreadsheet where you can let me know your availability so I can connect you with a group, and you should sign up here:

GM style

I'm ready to create an adventure for you, whether pulling a blade from a monolith in a bewitched forest, or ramming your void destroyer into the side of a Jovian starbase. Systems: I will run anything from theater of the mind to full on crunchy number systems. We can break out the rock paper scissors, or the spreadsheets. I'm most experienced with d20 and d100 systems. NPCs: I enjoy well made adversaries and NPCs with complete personalities and motivations. I will act each with differing mannerisms, personality and voices. I tend to make a lot of NPCs, and invest more in the ones the party takes an interest in. Encounters: Encounters can vary from testing your skills, to ones that make you sweat. Players have different expectations, so session 0 will determine if we want story mode or death march (likely somewhere in between). Plot: The plot will be driven by character choices, and not merely be on rails or something completely independent of your character backgrounds. Everyone's personal quest will be woven into the meta-quest of the campaign. Expectations: I run a session 0 to manage expectations and get everyone on the same page. We will discuss what content we are ok with and which would diminish the playing experience. World-building: I love world-building and will do so even in settings that are pre-made - the details are never complete, and I will expand on the nuances of setting to try to further an immersive storytelling experience. I see TTRPGs as an opportunity to tell a story together, whether or not the player characters experience a high or a low, we get to create an interesting narrative... while also kicking in the door, killing monsters, and getting treasure. GM/DM Standards & Expectations: Are you a solo player without a group, wishing you could play? I have a spreadsheet where you can let me know your availability so I can connect you with a group. Sign up here:


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